public speaking


Crafting an Empowering Environment

A presentation about the ways in which Etsy’s work culture creates an empowering environment for women in technical roles. Given at CareerZoo in Dublin in February 2016.


Building Software at Etsy

A presentation on the culture of engineering at Etsy, given at CareerZoo in Dublin in February 2016.


Mashery Business of API Presentation

A presentation I gave at Mashery’s Business of API conference about how’s API helped us form new business relationships.

hackathon-deck-cover Hyperlocal News API

The Hyperlocal News API (now the Patch API) allows developers to integrate hyperlocal news from more than 70,000 sources in the US into their applications and websites.


Analytics for Product Managers

A presentation I gave at NextNY’s Product Manager School on the role of analytics in product management.