How to: Knit a pussy hat in the round

Last month I re-opened my long-dormant Etsy shop to sell pussy hats. I missed the immediate gratification of the quick and simple Pussyhat Project, I’d been meaning to re-open an Etsy shop so that I use the seller tools I work on all day, and I thought it would be fun to donate the proceeds […]

How To: Support the NY State Reproductive Health Act

Support the New York State Reproductive Health Act to get abortion removed from New York State’s Penal Code. Status Quo New York State‚Äôs Penal Code currently defines abortion as a homicide unless the pregnant woman is less than 24 weeks pregnant or her life is in jeopardy. It does not make any provisions to allow […]

are we in it to win it, or what, Democrats?

I traditionally hesitate to get political pre-convention, because I’ve always felt that the only thing worse than the divisiveness of bickering down party lines in the US is the humiliating and self-defeating in-fighting that’s wrecked the Democratic party for as long as I’ve been registered to vote—actually, longer. But I’m dying to share my position […]

peaceful portraits

mockup of how face2face will be implemented from JR‘s site French “undercover photographer” JR and his French/North African tech-savvy collaborator Marco put together this amazing but somewhat unfortunately named project called face2face [via wooster collective]: They’re posting enormous close-up portraits of Israelis and Palestinians paired up by occupation on both sides of their heavily guarded […]

awesome posters and faulty logic

one of the vintage posters up for auction at Swann Galleries These amazing vintage posters being auctioned off at Swann Galleries [via metafilter and kindly sent along by Sean] made me want to round out my vintage poster collection (which features WPA library posters and Soviet-era reading propaganda) with some Hebrew-language gems like this hilarious […]

vive la net neutrality!

Save the Internet has a new video with a clear, dump-truck-metaphor-free explanation of net neutrality. If, like, the CEO of AT&T, you’re not sure what net neutrality means, have a look-see, then sign the petition: Embedded video doesn’t work in RSS so you’ll have to go to the actual post.

the great Colbert mystery

Today’s featured article on Wikipedia, covering Stephen Colbert‘s controversial performance at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in April, leaves a few big questions unanswered. Essentially: How did this ever happen???? I mean, whose idea was it to invite Colbert in the first place? Had s/he never actually seen The Colbert Report or is […]

congratulations America!

A week late, I know, but hopefully I haven’t missed my chance to say, “Finally, some heart-warming news from the ballots!” MSNBC.com’s midterm odometer Congrats to enthusiastic voters, the newly Democratic Congress, and, of course, MSNBC.com for this amazing odometer rendering of the results, which I really think should be turned into a desktop widget […]


Sealand’s Coat of Arms Those of you who don’t have wikipedia set as your browser’s homepage should check out today’s featured article on Sealand. At first I thought wikipedia was asking me to read about something along the lines of SeaWorld, but I was severely mistaken! Sealand is a fascinating (pseudo-)nation that consists of a […]

PBS Katrina documentary

I only caught the tail end of “Storm that Drowned a City.” Seemed interesting, but the ending was a little iffy on where responsibility should really lay. The most enjoyable part was a short brow-beating of Tom Ridge (transcription may not be exact): PBS: Here we are, four years after 9/11, and we still don’t […]