vintage NYC Subway ads

Christoph Niemann’s adorably illustrated story about his sons’ obsession with the NYC Subway System [via kottke] reminded me of the pictures I took last summer at the NYC Transit Museum. The best part of the subterranean museum is by far the tracks with dozens of retired subway cars dating back to the old El lines. […]

hey eBay, your marketing budget just ate itself

Affiliate marketing just reached a whole new level of absurdity. Yes, it finally happened: Someone made a website that pays you to come click on their affiliate referral links before you make a purchase online. So while most advertising takes up space on websites with some legitimate purpose (such as actual content or networking or […]

low-budget local marketing

If you’re trying to open a new business in NYC, you’ve pretty much spent all your startup capital on your lease, so you’d better plan to do your marketing up low-budge style. For inspiration on how to combine low-budget local marketing and utter hilarity sure to pique your demographic’s interest (provided they have, you know, […]

light criticism

Don’t worry, your favorite girl who rakes in about $0.005/month from her own AdSense script isn’t about to get all hypocritically anti-advertising like last time (although I could probably split hairs about the difference between overwhelming outdoor ads and text ads so hard to notice they (sigh!) never get clicked if you really wanted me […]


Somewhere a choir of ad agency execs is signing hallelujah. It’s the digg of ads. [via advertising/design goodness]

everything you need is here. please don’t leave.

I’m finally reading John Battelle‘s The Search, and I just got to the part that describes the state of search before Bill Gross‘s epiphany about contextual advertising. Search became a problem of sorts: executives knew that when someone searched the Web, chances were he’d leave the portal if he found something that matched his intent. […]

who needs a computer anyway?

This old “Who Needs a Computer Anyway?” student brochure advertising late ’80s Macs is hilariously illustrated with college stereotypes (who naturally all need one model of Macintosh or another) by Simpson’s creator Matt Groening. I love the (incredibly un-PC) caption for The Schizoid: Traits: Doesn’t recognize nametag sewn in own underwear. Warning: This could be […]

Nabisco, please stop using HFCS. And hire a proofreader. Thanks.

When trying to enjoy a tasty snack of Wheat Thins and horseradish chive hummus, be forewarned that reading the Wheat Thins box could destroy your appetite. First, I discovered that Wheat Thins contain the demon’s sweetener, high–fructose corn syrup, which I try so hard to avoid. Then, as I debated the virtues of finishing *just […]

presenting the first mac

What on earth did I blog about before embedded video? Here’s a fascinating clip of Steve Jobs presenting the first mac in 1984. Steve Jobs has so much hair! And little 22-pound grandfather of all macs that got Lawrence Magid so excited had such a snarky sense of humor! Embedded video doesn’t work in RSS […]

nike+ipod = x + y

By now we’ve all heard about the new nike+ipod. Brilliant idea, of course. The question that interests me now is: How will Nike’s competitors react? (How Apple’s competitors will react is, of course, a much less intesresting question—and that’s coming from a girl who still uses a 128 MB (plus a 256 MB card) SonicBlue […]