Building Software at Etsy

A presentation on the culture of engineering at Etsy, given at CareerZoo in Dublin in February 2016.

We Still Feel Fine

An update to the 2005 project “We Feel Fine” by Jonathan Harris and Sev Kamvar. Uses the Twitter Streaming API, Node.js, and d3.js.

Ease In

Fade in DOM elements hierarchically with CSS transitions and 393 bytes of JavaScript. Possibly the world’s tiniest JavaScript plugin.

CSS Specify Me

A simple CSS specificity calculator to help you learn how specificity works.


A lightweight, cross-browser compatible JavaScript library for hierarchical DOM element selection without a framework.

Pick-a-Color: now with 10,000%* more colors!

Version 1.1.0 of Pick-a-Color is now available, featuring a new “advanced” tab that allows users to modify hue, lightness, and saturation to create any color their hearts desire. Plus: some modifications suggested by my friend Alex Cox. You can check out the documentation, read my original post about Pick-a-Color or look over the source code […]


Pick-a-Color is an easy-to-use jQuery color picker for Twitter Bootstrap.

Patch Beta

A revision of the Patch homepage designed to promote serendipitous content discovery. Based on extensive usability testing and focus groups.

Mashery Business of API Presentation

A presentation I gave at Mashery’s Business of API conference about how’s API helped us form new business relationships.

RWW Real-Time Web Summit

On Friday I went to ReadWriteWeb‘s Real-Time Web Summit, repping and generally looking to find out what all the unconference craze was about and meet some nice fellow NYC geeks. I had a pretty great time (much better than I expected after this rather patronizing promo post for the event), so I thought I’d […]