phrenology chart versus dermatome chart

My mom just sent me this dermatome chart (actually, she sent me this more useful chart, but the first link is prettier). [More on dermatomes here.] And of course the first thing that sprang to mind was: “Hey, phrenology wasn’t as bat-shit insane as I previously considered it.” I mean, ok, it was really crazy. […]

happy lonely hearts’ club month

It’s February! The month of Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl; the shortest, coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere; and, yes, the month named for the whips that pagans once cut from the animals they sacrificed, which were used to whip girls and women in celebration of the nascent Valentine’s Day holiday […]

top 10 tags

Inspired by Britta‘s interesting annotation of her top 10 tags, I took a look at mine. internet (200): Mostly articles or sites about the internet, ranging in quality from silly meta jokes to heady philosophical articles. culture (170): Culture is pretty tough to define. I’d say these are links about the way people interact: […]

Cookie Monster’s special appearances

Today, in my inexplicable ongoing coverage of all things Cookie Monster, I bring you what may be the best Colbert Report clip of all time, featuring you-know-who as a surprise guest. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c

broken heart/valid heart t-shirts

I finally silkscreened into reality one of the witty (I hope) t-shirt ideas I mentioned awhile back. These </3 t-shirts are a really geeky double entendre: To IM addicts everywhere this is obviously a broken heart, but for the anal xhtml geeks among us it could also be a validated heart. Or, true, the end […]

Cookie Monster on NPR

Elizabeth Blair and Cookie Monster Because NPR‘s In Character series has impeccable taste in fictional characters, they recently interviewed my favorite: Cookie Monster! Elizabeth Blair starts the inteview like so: “We at NPR News have high journalistic standards. So I sat down with Cookie Monster for an exclusive interview.” The original Wheel Stealer, from the […]

the finest in Cookie Monster still imagery

Ever since my YouTube-scouring Cookie Monster roundup, kenspeckle-reading Cookie fiends have hounded me daily, begging for more Cookie media. Unfortunately the number of vintage Cookie Monster clips on YouTube is (inherently) not increasing, so to tide you all over, here’s the finest Cookie Monster imagery available on flickr (in order of flickr’s possibly-some-day patented computation […]

Bembo’s Zoo

Apparently hip typophile types have known about Bembo’s Zoo since 2005, but since I only found out about it this week from word[is(not equal to)]art, it’s time to share the awesomeness! The flash version of Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich‘s children’s book by the same name morphs the names of 26 animals written in bembo […]

halp! site iz taken over by kitteh!

It’s been, like, a full two minutes since Sean sent me LOLinator [via tech crunch], and the humor has still not worn off! Especially since the LOLified version of my last over-excited post is actually disturbingly similar to the version not actually written by a kitteh. Or was it??

nerdy girl infiltrates enemy camp

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring news from the netherworld of brain-rotting television: Victoria Marshman, Yale medieval history student and America’s Next Top Model contestant Confirming our lingering suspicion that it is possible, albeit genetically unlikely, to be tall and thin but not entirely vapid, Yale student Victoria Marshman will be geeking up […]