Crafting an Empowering Environment

A presentation about the ways in which Etsy’s work culture creates an empowering environment for women in technical roles. Given at CareerZoo in Dublin in February 2016.

Twitter, URL shorteners, and the transfer of meaning in the link economy

We have this saying around the internetz, “links are the currency of the web.” It’s actually a bit of an understatement. Links transfer not only attention and authority, but also direction and meaning, helping us figure out where to go and what to expect when we get there. “rusty chain” by shoothead on flickr Links […]

an explanation for Banksy’s unmasking

Banksy‘s denial of his alleged unmasking by the Daily Mail is pretty clever. But if I was Banksy (and, PS, I’m totally not!) I would definitely be claiming the unmasking as a planted piece of performance art making a Barthian commentary on the keen interest in my “true” identity. The plaque next to the gallery […]

Cookie Monster’s special appearances

Today, in my inexplicable ongoing coverage of all things Cookie Monster, I bring you what may be the best Colbert Report clip of all time, featuring you-know-who as a surprise guest. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c

Sins of New York

A few months ago I came across a copy of Sins of New York on the outdoor bargain table of Argosy Books. Sins of New York is an amazing compilation of stories and illustrations from The National Police Gazette, a 19th-century tabloid which, according to wikipedia, “was well known for its engravings and photographs of […]

see Castro run

Wow! Castro resigned! It’s an historic event of almost impossible weirdness. Castro‘s 49-year reign as the seemingly eternal president of Cuba means that a) pretty much no one under the age of 60 can remember him not ruling Cuba and b) he’s become this mythical, timeless, ageless figure, who must, in our collective imagination, must […]

happy Lupercalia!

In case you were wondering what pagan ritual our culture Christianized, then secularized, to come up today’s deliciously cheesy and hypothetically romantic Valentine’s Day: It’s Lupercalia. According to wikipedia and this hilarious History Channel video, Lupercalia was celebrated in honor either of Lupercus, the god of the shephards who happened to raise the founders of […]

barcode arts & crafts

So two weeks ago when we were all having a chuckle at Google ad sales people’s surprising faith in the future of scannable barcodes for tracking print ads, I wanted to post a few notable barcode arts & craft projects. As I commented on Sean’s post, geeky artists and are way more likely to increase […]

the finest in Cookie Monster still imagery

Ever since my YouTube-scouring Cookie Monster roundup, kenspeckle-reading Cookie fiends have hounded me daily, begging for more Cookie media. Unfortunately the number of vintage Cookie Monster clips on YouTube is (inherently) not increasing, so to tide you all over, here’s the finest Cookie Monster imagery available on flickr (in order of flickr’s possibly-some-day patented computation […]

halp! site iz taken over by kitteh!

It’s been, like, a full two minutes since Sean sent me LOLinator [via tech crunch], and the humor has still not worn off! Especially since the LOLified version of my last over-excited post is actually disturbingly similar to the version not actually written by a kitteh. Or was it??