Pick-a-Color: now with 10,000%* more colors!


Version 1.1.0 of Pick-a-Color is now available, featuring a new “advanced” tab that allows users to modify hue, lightness, and saturation to create any color their hearts desire. Plus: some modifications suggested by my friend Alex Cox.

You can check out the documentation, read my original post about Pick-a-Color or look over the source code on GitHub.


*This is not based on a literal calculation of the increase in the number of available colors. It’s just, you know, a joke.

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jbove on October 29, 2014

Hi Lauren, With the recent rise in popularity of "intelligent" light bulbs, eg. Philips Hue, I was looking for a tool like Pick-a-Color. What are your plans with it? I noticed there were some open pull requests on github. Do you still want to invest time in the project? Otherwise I would be interested to help. Ciao Johan

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