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Inspired by Britta‘s interesting annotation of her top 10 tags, I took a look at mine.

  1. internet (200): Mostly articles or sites about the internet, ranging in quality from silly meta jokes to heady philosophical articles.
  2. culture (170): Culture is pretty tough to define. I’d say these are links about the way people interact: online, through advertising, and in life generally. Occasionally a link that’s sort of…uh…”cultured” will slip in there too, such as New York Magazine‘s NYC Books Canon.
  3. humor (157): I spend a lot of time clicking on funny stuff on the internet, ok people?
  4. technology (146): Lots of web-related links here too, but these also include non-internet tech, like the Phoenix Mars Mission’s discovery of ice or—more importantly—sheep sculptures made of telephones.
  5. art (134): Weird art I’ve seen on the WWWs.
  6. funny (104): This is mostly redundant to my humor tag. When I first started using I didn’t like the idea of adjectives as tags, but I’ve loosened up with the last 104 funny things I bookmarked.
  7. design (98): These links have some crossover with art (in fact 57 of my links share the two tags) but tend to be more about graphic or web design and don’t include conceptual art.
  8. history (94): I’m a nerd.
  9. politics (86): Mostly interesting articles about whatever’s going on at the time.
  10. news (83): I’m a little surprised that this appears in my top 10, since I don’t think of myself as a real news hound.

Of course, most of my dominant tags were pretty clear when I bookmarked wordle art a few months back. Also interesting is that my top 4 tags cover this blog’s supposed topics.

More compelling than my top 10 tags, however, is the top 10 for all of Oddly enough, my top 10 list doesn’t overlap at all with the 10 most popular tags for all users:

  1. design
  2. blog
  3. video
  4. software
  5. tools
  6. music
  7. programming
  8. webdesign
  9. reference
  10. tutorial

The moral of the story being that most people bookmark much more useful stuff than I do.


britta on September 8, 2008

yay! i think that people's top tags tend to be a decent approximation of their interests, even though top tags are usually pretty broad categories. there's some research scratching the surface of adjective tagging - "@toread and Cool : Subjective, Affective and Associative Factors in Tagging",

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