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Tuesday night‘s New York Tech Meetup, aside from providing its usual interesting and/or weird demos and hilarious stand-up comedy routine, literally saved my life.

You see, I’ve been struggling James Joyce-style with debilitating dry eye syndrome (occupational hazard, of course) for the past few weeks. Earlier that evening, my ophthalmologist prescribed a certain antibiotic—long story as to why that would help—and under normal circumstance I’d have gone straight to the pharmacy and taken one on my way home.

But instead I went downtown to the esteemed Cooper Union‘s Great Hall to “kick it” with my fellow geeks, and, being too lazy to fill the prescription on my way home, I had a chance to google it first and discover that it’s in a family of antibiotics to which I’m highly allergic, thus safely ending a near-near-death experience.

But, more importantly, the funniest exchange of the evening:

Scott Heiferman (organizer): You have, like, a really interesting piece of technology making new entertainment—games! Games for meeting people. So why are you getting into the publishing business?
i’m in like with you presenter: We kind of want to be a destination for people who are just bored at work and we want to add more value.
audience member: How big would you say the bored-at-work demographic is?
iilwy presenter: Uh…in America, probably everyone.

On a related note, I’m totally in like with whoever wrote the copy for the i’m in like with you presentation, on the force of gems like:

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